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Our free computer recycling service is an eco friendly program and designed around the greenest available options, this is our way of ensuring old computers are disposed of correctly.


Our green recycling program is easy to use with ZERO cost to you for disposing of your old computer(s), no pickup charges and no hidden fees.


Important Information - Safe Disposal of Toxic Materials


Toxic materials found in a few common items does require us to charge for the safe handling of Lead, Mercury, Phosphorus Cadmium and Barium, These items can be found in Monitors, laptops, cell phones and backup batteries, our charges are $10-$12 Per Monitor and $12-$20/battery for UPS (backup batteries).

  • We will recycle any surplus and obsolete computer equipment.

    • Obsolete Computer Products - Computer mainframes and PC's, computer wiring, junction boxes, printers, networking hardware and even extra keyboards and mice.
    • Monitors & CRT's - We recycle all types on monitors. From your basic monochrome monitors to modern flat screens, at a cost of $10-$12/unit, monitors must not have broken glass screens.
    • Electronic Scrap or Surplus - Personal & mainframe computers, printers, networking hardware, computer cabling, modems, pc cards, mainframe and computer printed circuit boards.
    • Electronic Switching Gear - hubs, networking gear, modems, routers, switches, racks and all types of miscellaneous components.

  • Don’t forget to protect your important files! or destroy sensitive data. Contact our office to inquire about our data management services.


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