Restrict Internet Usage for Employees, Filter Web Content.


Internet content filtering is extremely effective at keeping your business image in-tact especially when you aren't around. Keep your network secure by installing our content filtering service. It offers many advantages to your business no matter the size.


  • Restricts Web Pages
  • Keeps Internet Costs Due to Overages Down
  • Virtually Eliminates Virus Infections From "Un-Friendly" Sites
  • Keeps Employees on Task by Removing Social Networking Sites
  • Keeps Network Traffic in Control
  • Reduces Network Chatter or Collisions
  • Weekly Reporting With User Identity


Never fear again what your employees or children are surfing while you aren't around by removing the capability of getting up to mischief. We have many more reasons why restricting internet access is beneficial, but the most important to the average small business is the cost savings.


Costs and Expense

If you are worried this service is out of your budget look again, $30/month


How's Does It Work

Not to get too technical, a piece of hardware is installed at your office location, or we can make changes to existing hardware if requested. The hardware acts as a firewall giving you total control over the data that goes through it.


Easy to configure or update remotely (included in price) we can make any necessary changes you approve instantly.